What You Can Expect to Come with a Glock Kit

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Thinking about building a Glock at home but not sure what comes with a kit, or what else you’ll need, for that matter?

Let’s take a look at what comes with a Glock kit so we can offer some better information on what else you’ll need to complete the home build.

A Glock RMR Build Kit: What It Contains
For the purposes of illustration, check out the Glock RMR Build Kit available online at MCS Gearup.

For all intents and purposes, it contains very nearly everything you need to assemble a functioning Glock-style pistol at home.

This Glock kit is Gen 3 compatible, accepts Polymer80 frames, and contains parts machined from 416R stainless steel and finished in black Cerakote. It is machined for precision fitment of a Trijicon RMR.

Kits are available for G17, G19, G22, and G26-style pistols. Each Glock kit contains:

● A 9mm, SAAMI-spec barrel, machined from 416R steel, with a black nitride finish and a polished feed ramp. They are drop-in ready, and both threaded and non-threaded versions are available.
● A firing pin, spring and cup.
● A firing pin safety and spring.
● An extractor, depressor plunger, and spring.
● A channel liner, spacer sleeve, and steel cover plate.
● A guide rod and spring.
● A mag release and mag catch spring.
● A slide lock, spring, and stop lever with spring.
● A trigger housing (with ejector).
● A 5lb connector.
● A trigger with trigger bar, pin, and spring.

These Glock kits have effectively everything you need to complete a home build, minus a few (but essential) components.

What Else You Need: Three Critical Things
You will notice that this Glock kit does not contain a magazine, so that’s another part you will need to get.

More importantly, the kit does not come with a frame, for obvious reasons.

You will either need to purchase a complete frame (which will require an FFL transfer) or get a frame blank and complete the build yourself.

If you get a frame blank, you will need to make sure to get one compatible with the build kit (Gen 3, for either a G17, G19, G22, or G26) and then complete it.

In order to complete it, you will also need a frame jig as well as a drill, drill press, or router with appropriate bits. Then you will need to finish machining the frame and assemble the firearm with the parts.

Always Check Local Laws and Regulations
One more word of wisdom before you embark on this mission. Always check local rules and regulations and consult a local firearms lawyer if you have any questions whatsoever.

Some jurisdictions have banned so much as possession of an 80% frame, which are often ignorantly referred to as “ghost guns.”

The following states and jurisdictions have either partially or wholly circumscribed the possession, sale, or alteration of 80% frames or lowers:

● California
● New Jersey
● New York
● Hawaii
● Washington
● Washington, D.C.
● Connecticut
● Rhode Island

Be aware that this list is subject to change at any time, as legislation is in a constant state of flux.

Always consult a lawyer before taking possession of an 80% lower. This post is not legal advice.

Don’t Need the Whole Glock Kit? Just Get the Parts
Glock kits like the one mentioned in this post contain basically everything you need to assemble a completed firearm, but they are also great for tinkerers.

MCS Gearup also sells a wide range of Glock parts in addition to its parts kits. If you need a new firing pin, barrel, slide, trigger, mag extension, or some other part, visit their website and see what sorts of customizations they offer. There’s no shortage of them.

For more information about Mck and Micro Roni Please visit: MCS Gearup

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